This is me

Expresso - Members

This is an image of me. In a way to describe my personality, I’m an outgoing and naughty person and lastly I love adventures. I took this image from a final year project that i’ve done this year. Expresso, it is a social media website for you to  express your happiness among the community and interact with your family and friends.

We started off with a team of 4 individuals. The individuals are Andrew Kong, Sherryn Toong, Chia Peng, and me. Our objective is to express and spread goodness between human connections. Everyone of us share the common urges to make the world a happier and fun place to live. Therefore we would like to provide a service that could help the community. Our sites may look simple, but we believed simplicity is the best way to make people understand and communicate with each other. Just like childhood times, everything is simple.


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