I could say that i’m proud of the illustration that i did for ” Go go Eco “. The results of the illustration turn out to be better than i expected. Go go Eco is a interactive media website that aims to educate young children about the importance of recycling.



Before kickstart, I started off referencing on a interactive website of the same agenda. The websites that i explored are [ ] and [ ]. I observe the colors and design that are used in their website. By doing so, i could know the styles that i’m supposed to apply.


[ ]


[ ]

What media do you see yourself producing in two years time? What research could you conduct in order to inform this future practice?

I wish to produce a great digital artworks in 2 years time. I believe that i will explore, observe and collect alot of cool artworks to absorb knowledge in the present & future.


One thought on “illustrations

  1. chaddy70 says:

    Hi Eugene, looking forward to seeing you all in the UK.

    I really liked your illustrations and very interested in your work. Use this research module to have fun and experiment with different lines of enquiry and research. It seems that you are interested in illustration, art, design and motion graphics. I am looking forward to see where your research takes you.

    Enjoy the research


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