Vector Texture Practice

As promised, i’ve made a texture design on illustrator. It was really fun playing with textures. The skills that i’ve applied onto the artwork are appearance panel [ fill, overlays, multiply and gradient ] and texture effect such as grain and texturizer. Anyhow, I did not know that illustrator had this function. I’m really looking forward to know what illustrator could do.

I’ve practiced my skills in a tutorial website known as Vectips. It guided me throughout the whole process of my studies. Credits to the owner of Vectips. Below are my artwork.



Vector Graphic Texture

Today i would like to speak about texture in design. In my recent research, i found out that texture plays an important role in background of a design platform. For an example of media are using it are website, posters and motion graphics.

Texture means the feel, appearance or consistency of a surface or a substance. In my opinion, without a texture in design, graphic would look very plain and simple. You can see clearly that it is very digital and it looks like it is done in windows paint tool. Whereas, with the use of texture, it would provide more impact and professional to the digital artwork. Stay tune for vector texture practice.

Websites which uses texture as their background:



illustration which uses texture as their background:


Name : Captain Duckula the Third

Artwork done by : Stephen Chan


Name : Fairytale Asylum

Artwork done by : Andriana Katsiki & Stephen Chan