Humanity Experiment

Hey guys, check out this campaign. An experiment conducted to analyze human actions towards sympathy and empathy. I would say that this video did sent a message to netizens. Amazing 8,986,686 views on Youtube.


Viral Videos

Video published on 13th of November.

Number of Views : 43,583,183 in just 9 days.

This commercial for Volvo shows actor Jean Claude Van Damme performing one of his signature splits, while wedged between two moving Volvo trucks, standing only on their side mirrors while the vehicles drive in reverse, toward a sunset.  Enya’s “Only Time” plays very appropriately in the background.

Source from: FOX News

Video published on 15th of November

Number of Views : 11,355,350 in just 7 days.

K-mart is no stranger to controversy; producing such advertising jewels as “Ship My Pants” and “Big Gas Savings.”  Now, the big box retailer is raising more than a few eyebrows with its latest holiday ad for their male underwear line.  The funny spot shows a group of men wearing suits above the waist and only festive boxers below, while shaking their hips to play “Jingle Bells.”

Source from: FOX News

Video published on 17th of November

Number of Views : 6,997,832 in just 5 days.

Girls rule! A pink empowerment video making the rounds is so darn cute you may not care that it’s a not so thinly veiled commercial for an upstart toy company. Just watch and see.

“The Princess Machine” video was posted on YouTube this week and quickly went viral. It has more than 6 million views thanks to its infectious riff on what some could say is one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most blatantly sexist songs: the Beastie Boys’ “Girls.” (“All I really want is girls … to do the dishes … to clean up my room … to do the laundry.”)

Source from: Los Angeles Times